Secure Document Storage and Destruction

Why Shred

Let’s face it no organisation including yours can risk their confidential and unwanted documentation falling into the wrong hands, being at the centre of a public relations scandal because it was disposed of carelessly.

Even if your documentation can be disposed of safely without any threat to security there is also the growing need to become more environmentally responsible.

Having your unwanted documentation professionally shredded and recycled benefits your organisation in more ways than just giving you that all-important peace of mind.

  1. In the eyes of your customers, not only are you demonstrating that you are an environmentally aware company, you’re also sending out a clear message that you take their security seriously.  Make sure that you let your customers and suppliers know this and include your policy on unwanted document disposal and recycling in your environmental policy if you have one.  Why not mention it in your website, your blog and your printed marketing communications?  It could make you stand apart from your competitors.

  2. A growing number of organisations from all sectors are taking into consideration a potential supplier’s environmental policy when awarding contracts.  Are you including your environmentally friendly document disposal policy in your presentations and tenders?

  3. It’s cost-effective.  When you consider the modest outlay for CDC to collect shred and recycle your unwanted documentation it compares very favourably to what you’d spend if you had to do it to yourself.   Unconvinced?  Why not put us to the test. Ask for a quote.

  4. It’s a sign that you are a forward thinking organisation.  That you embrace change in a positive way.  That you don’t rest on your laurels.  That you face up to your environmental obligations squarely.  Don’t be afraid to shout from the rooftops about this!